Sunday, 18 September 2011

When Pigs Fly: Chapter 15

hey guys!  sorry it took so long for such a short chapter.  i was having a lot of trouble with it though.  here it is!  ill try to get 16 out asap!

Chapter 15
                Reliving memories filled my eyes with tears, but I held them in.  I would not cry.  At least, that’s what I kept telling myself.  I needed someone to be with me so badly, but, at the same time, I wanted to be left alone.  I needed to be alone in my misery for now. 
                It was then that I heard the voices.  I recognized most of them; Zeke, Joe, Ben, Catherine, Hope, TJ—they were all calling my name, looking for me, expecting me to answer.
                Of course, I thought bitterly.  When I desperately need someone with me, there’s no one.  But, as soon as I want to be alone…
                Why does God hate me? I wondered. 
                After about an hour, they stopped calling my name, finally realizing that I wasn’t going to answer.  They didn’t give up searching though.  No, now my simple need for solitude became a giant game of hide-and-seek.
                After a while, I thought that everyone had left the room.  That was until; I could hear the rustling of moving cornstalks.  I held my breath and tried to be as small and as quiet as I could.
                “Nicole?  I know you’re in here.  Come on out, it’s just me here.”  I should have known.  Zeke.
                Leave me alone! I silently wailed as a tear escaped. 
                Zeke pushed his way through the corn into the small area that I was hiding in.  He took one look at the expression on my face, and his filled with pity.  “Oh, Nicole,” he whispered.
                That did it; I broke down.  Those two words broke through the dam that was holding back my tears and I started sobbing hysterically.  Sobbing into my hands, I felt Zeke sit down next to me and wrap his arms around me.  I turned into the hug and threw my arms around him, bawling into his shirt.  Zeke just held me.
                “They’re gone!  They’re all gone!” I wailed. 
                “I am so sorry,” he whispered.  It felt like he wasn’t only apologizing because he had brought my family here—he was apologizing for everything that had happened to me.
                I sobbed harder.
                They’re all gone…

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  1. :D yayay you updated!!! :( thats so sad, is it odd i wanna give her a hug even though she's a fictional character? *shrugs* cant wait for chapter 16 :)