Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hi there

Hey Internet!  My name is Kim and this is my very first blog.  Any Sparklers and/or Manklers reading this will know me as stupid_nickel.  I have never had a blog before and I am mainly going to use this to post chapters of the book I am writing.  However, this might end up consisting of me ranting, complaining, or a combination of the two, so bear with me.  First off, let me tell you a little about myself.  I am 18 years old and have recently graduated high school because the school system hates me I need a better mark in English.  I love animals and tea, and I work as a waitress/in a bakery.  I want to become a pastry chef some day.  I might actually end up uploading pictures of my cakes on here, but its like, 12:15am so I'm not going to do that tonight.  Why am I writing a book?  Well, my dad is always saying I should write a book, but I never had anything to write.  However, for the past little while, I have had something like a movie playing in my head and I needed to get it out, so I figured I might as well make a story of it.  It's more a fanfiction at the moment (thank you to Smeyer's The Host) but IF I were to ever get it published, I would change some things in it to make it my own.  It has kind of the same ideas as The Host but it's a totally different character, and her story.  Her story of what, you might ask.  Well, to you I'll have to read it to find out ;)

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